Home lighting is the most essential element of interior design. Light is considered as an ultimate source of life, giving us the needed power and energy to uplift our spirit.  Adequate lighting changes the mood in a room. Lighting is known to enhance the beauty, aesthetic appeal, and also adds to the ambiance of the living area. Besides adding style to the interior decor of the house lighting creates sense of safety in the living space.
Fixture style:
The lighting fixtures that you select for a room should complement the room interior decor. It is done by selecting the most favourite element of yours in the room and trying to complement it or by trying to match the other interior decor of the room. Fixtures can also depend upon the existing finishing of the room. If you want a rustic feel then go in for lighting fixtures that complement the appearance. Lighting fixtures with beads, decorative shades, and crystals are also available in some shops to enhance the beauty. They can be mix and matched to add sparkle. This is about Scotlight Directs new range of products.
Layers of light:
Successful lighting of a room includes mixing of all the three different layers of light in a room. At least mixing of two is essential to properly light a room.

  1. Ambient or general lighting: This is an overall indirect source of light that illuminates every room. This is generally overhead and is the best place to start lighting a room. For ambient lighting, natural light, pendant lights, and any type of overhead fixtures like chandeliers, ceiling fixtures can be used.

  2. Task lighting- This is a form of intense light that allows you to perform a detailed task like reading, applying makeup, and cooking. These are generally used in office, kitchen, and also in the bath room. For task lighting, desk or table lamps, cabinet lighting can be used.

  3. Accent lighting- This is a spotlight that allows you to direct at interesting features in your home. That could be a wall painting, or a portrait. This is an additional light to complement the ambient lighting. Ambient lighting is overhead while this lighting reaches to those areas where ambient light cannot reach. The source of ambient lighting could be track lights, and wall sconces.

Lighting up your home:

Lighting of the various rooms is done based on the purpose of the room and the activity carried out in that room. For instance, the kitchen requires more intense ambient light as compared to the task lighting in the bedroom. Some tips for lighting up various rooms in your home:


  • Living room: This is the place where most of our time at home is spent. It is the place to relax with a cup of coffee and a book or newspaper in hand, or to relax on a couch and watch your favourite sport on television- lots of activity happens here. This room requires a variety of lighting. Recessed lighting as well as mount lights is a good option for ambient lighting. If you want to highlight a portrait, or a glass vase, then accent lighting is used with wall sconces or wall lamps.

  • Kitchen: Kitchen requires multiple layers of lighting. Recessed lighting is the best option in kitchen. In case your children prefer to do their homework while you are in the kitchen, then a spotlight like a pendant light is useful.

  • Dining room: The dining room is a place to eat, but at times it can be a place for arts and crafts, for night family games. Thus the lighting needs to be apt. The best option for ambient lighting is chandelier. It could be replaced by a pendant light. For accent lighting wall lamps can be used.

  • Bedroom: The bedroom lighting should create a calm feeling. Wall lamp mounted by the bed side is good to serve reading purpose. Table lamps also are a good option.

  • Bathroom: To create a spa like feel chandeliers are used these days. Recessed lights along with sconces make the bathroom an ideal place for shower.

Lights and good lighting can do wonders for your home.